Top20 Weekly glory awards are very poor.


I've finished 15th this week on the 'weekly glory' leaderboard.

For a whole week I sacrificed just about any other TarrotCard reward in favor for more glory points.
(Is it a bug or a feature that you can stack three Major cards on a mission, if you just tab back after selection)

When I received my reward (a common lootbox) I said to myself, It's not worth it.

(I actually used very strong language... ;-)  )

But really, considering the effort it takes, landing on the first page of the leaderboard should offer better rewards than a common lootbox. Something like a lootbox  with relic (or better) items only.

With the reward system as it is, I might as well go for any other rewards, and then on sunday,
I play one simple misson without Tarrot cards, AND GET BETTER REWARDS FOR IT.

So the question is, why are the rewards so poor?
Should it not be more attractive to place high in the 'weekly glory' chart? (Get some serious competition going)
Since 2.0 introduced items better than relic, a common lootbox is just a slap in your face..

Anyway, I really like the game,
Specially after content patch 2.0.

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Top20 Weekly glory awards are very poor.
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130 days ago
Imagine if top 10 would get a chance at a relic with 6 major/minor enchants... For now I don't even care about glory rewards and it's something I boost passively by playing crusades... Which guarantee relics. The other rewards is potential extras which I don't think about or target. 150 fate for maxing glory? That's like 6 missions or less... Takes like 30 minutes... 
131 days ago
Being high on the Leaderboard and kinda among the "best" and get better rewards for being so?

Then I have to ask Why???!!

Yes, I am asking in fact WHY to such a thing. I have seen the Leaderboards, and I sometimes wonder if it´s even actually possible to get some of those scores at all. Yes, in fact it is. If you are a uber menschen, that is. Maybe also if you work your ass off and go 24 F´ng 7. Yes, THEN it MAY be possible, yes.

I also know for a fact that when you take a look at Leaderboards, be it ANY Leaderboard in ANY kind of game 50% of the players among the Top 10 is in fact CHEATERS!

And you people are moaning about some F´ng better Rewards for being this and that? Well, F you. Get your butt up and actually proove it.

136 days ago

"At the moment, the best reward is the defender of the system"

No way, defender is worse even than 1st in glory. Really tho, for both it's random red and junk. 

Make 1st in whatever be a random gear with +1 more enchant than normal and there would be tons of competition. Anything unique.

With minimal effort you could get people into these activities. So, why not. 

138 days ago

At the moment, the best reward is the defender of the system. (5 items - 1 archeotech. 1card. 2 relics . 1 violet item)

Twice I was the first in the table of weekly glory - reward name is ' reward  winner' - consists of about the same but items 3

Before update 2.0 the best reward was a victory over "nemesis' ( 1 warzone item ( ? chance) and 4 relic 100%). Now it would be -  1 item of morality, 2 archeotech and 2 relics , but Neocore closed warzone, and there it was very interesting 

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138 days ago
I think placing high on the list should get you the following, at the very least:

1) a lot of morality relics
2) a lot of gold sparks
3) a lot of fate
4) a lot of credits (tens of millions, min)

THAT would be an actual reward!!!

138 days ago
I was 5th yesterday on PS4 before reset (could have dropped a few spots after hitting the sack). Thing is, I didn't even try... Was farming tarot upgrades and relics in crusade... I don't think your rating impacts reward quality. I don't mind to be honest
138 days ago

Congrats op your P8...

If I recall correctly, I got something purple.

(For being top 50)

You got something red, so I guess that top 10 gets a Super Excellent Lootbox.

138 days ago
I got 8th and received two psalms, a red, and something else I can't remember. Like you said, I can (and do) get better rewards after a single mission sometimes.