Warp Surge Season’s Grandmaster Tier can’t be completed…


Good evening, dear developers. At least I hope it’s better for you than it is for me.

All right, here it goes.

Problem is, I can’t possibly complete “Venerable Aegis” task of tier 4 – fully unlock an ancient Relic Armor – because apparently the Machine God decided that I’m unworthy to get my hands on such an armor.

Let’s see.

  • My Inquisitor is level 99;
  • 128 hours in the game with this character;
  • 59 completed full deck Tarot intel missions;
  • 10 completed Void Crusades, 2 of them fully mastered;
  • Probably several hundred full deck Tarot random missions with “Increased chance to find Relic and higher loot”;
  • 6 or 7 Alpha packs bought with Fate points.

And throught all this time, I didn’t get A SINGLE ANCIENT RELIC ARMOR. Weapons. Inoculators, signums – got everything except armor. Never had such problem with my two previous high-levelled characters.

Guys, please, I’m this close to rage-quitting game. Please, send me just one un-unlocked Psyker ancient relic armor. Not for free, I don’t mind. You can erase 20 Meme Viruses, 20 Destruction Amplifications, 100 Intels, 50 Crusade shards of every king from my casket, take 10 million credits or all of above.

Just please, give one much needed armor.

Acc’ name is Cav-El, season character Johannes Weyer.

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Warp Surge Season’s Grandmaster Tier can’t be completed…
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71 days ago
Phew, helpful player saved me on Steam
71 days ago
Well, thanks for at least taking your time and trying to help me.

So far no help from discord, steam and developers. Did the first wave of Warzones - again nothing. Will try again to continue.

73 days ago

try ask for Ancient Armor in discord channel. it is not of great value for high level players. discord.com/invite/SK4sKZG
also check Lacaon Maioris special location. good chance of getting an Ancient Relic items.