Void Crusades: Co-Op


Hello! I know it's been brought up multiple times in the past...and I keep checking in to see if it's been done...but what is the current thinking of allowing Void Crusades to be performed in Co-Op?


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Void Crusades: Co-Op
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112 days ago

I'm not playing right now because when you reach Lvl 60-70 the end game is solo. So at the end of the day, I'm playing other games with my friends. In my 30 members clan, nobody is playing. From time to time somebody comes to see if there is something to do with friends. So for all the people I know, it doesn't matter how much new content is coming if they can't play together. For me, the priority should be to bring back all these players that bought the game thinking of multiplayer.
That is exactly why I didn't buy Prophecy(and I love Techpriest).

113 days ago
The idea is not entirely discarded but our team focuses on the upcoming Season and the numerous changes now. We will see. Maybe by the release of the next-in-line Season patch.