Void Crusade Rescue Mission Bug


I played a Void Crusade Rescue Mission yesterday, where you have to find three groups of Guardsmen and bring them to an extraction point.

I cleared the whole map of enemies and brought two groups to the EP, then went back to the third group. They didn't move. Didn't follow me or anything.

The mission didn't fail though, so I could only abandon it. But it somehow failed the whole Void Crusade, even though I still had 5 Life Counts left?!

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Void Crusade Rescue Mission Bug
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31 days ago
This issue is with every Rescue Mission. Doesn´t matter whether it is regular or Void Crusade Rescue.

If you go play a Rescue Mission be prapered to except failure on 70% of them. Good Luck.

And when in on bugs in general, they can take care of some of the Achievements as well, while they´re at it.

33 days ago
There are a few bugs posted on this issue an the devs say that have this fixed and it will be released with the next patch (or it is the top priority - I don't remember exactly)

The solution to not get into this situation posted by a few people is to get in close to the teams so that they are triggered to enter combat and then kill all the enemies, although I must say that I had a separate mission where the group would not fight at all but the strategy worked for me within the void crusade

33 days ago

this picture

33 days ago
me too.

patch 2.0 another bug