Viper's nest Error


I cannot complete Story mission Viper's nest. It will continue to crash at random times either in response to a dialog scene or in general combat. I have sent multiple bug reports on the PSN and even redownloaded the game and it is still popping up. How can I fix this? I rather enjoy this game and would like to progress and bring swift death to the traitors!

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Viper's nest Error
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2 years 184 days ago

the patch containing the fixes for the Viper's Nest mission will either come this week or in the first half of the next week. We would like to ask your kind patience until then.

2 years 184 days ago
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2 years 185 days ago
Don't worry, you're not alone. The game is broken for all of us. We've been waiting about 6 weeks for the devs to fix the problem you (and everyone else) are having, but still nothing.