Update for Inquisitor - v2.1.2 - September 5


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Fixed Bugs

  • Various localization fixes
  • Various crash fixes
  • Several stability improvements
  • Fixed an issue where items dropped by the Great Unclean One were inaccessible
  • Fixed an issue where the Radium Carbine's and the Plasma Caliver's icons were swapped on some rarities
  • Fixed the Radical perk
  • Fixed a Construct sound that occasionally got stuck looping after closing the Constructs panel on the Command Bridge
  • Fixed some Siege maps that could be completed before reaching the last objective
  • Fixed the Judge and Jury achievement
  • Fixed an issue where Warlocks remained standing after getting killed by Area of Effect skills
  • Fixed a minor issue where the Tech Power under the Tech Tree tab didn't fill up completely even after the full Tech Tree got unlocked
  • Corrected the description of Anointment Perk
  • Corrected the description of the Ordinatus Psalm
  • Corrected the description of the Voltagheist Psalm
  • Fixed an item generation bug that caused lower than intended rolls in many cases, players can expect 2-7% higher maximum rollable stats on some items
  • Fixed several object clipping issues on maps
  • Removed Toxicrenes from several VIP missions
  • The Tarantula Turret's Missile Launcher now properly deals Area damage, and it properly fires from all barrels
  • From now on players will properly receive Morality items which are in accordance with their Morality point distribution
  • The Void Crusade desk will now show "Uther's Tarot" during the acquisition of Uther's Tarot
  • Fixed some redundant teleport beacons on Open World maps
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor could be changed while reading the Journal
  • Fixed an invisible tile on Chapter 2, Mission 8
  • Fixed an issue where Ancient enchant unlocks did not take Construct kills and damage into consideration
  • Fixed the Torvald System's missing influence icons


  • Fixed a controller issue where players could not switch weapons on the Psychic Power panel
  • Fixed a controller issue where players could not reroll their active Challenges


  • The Plasma Caliver Beta and Radium Rifle Beta received a skill with a Target Designator tag that allows more direct control over summoned minions
  • The Psiloi Vivisector’s HP scaling is now reduced by 25% (At max level it now has 25% less HP)
  • The Psiloi Combustor’s Meltagun Skill damage is increased by 36% and the channeled damage ticks 200% more often, but instead of Armor Piercing it is ArmorBreaking now
  • The Psiloi Combustor’s Lasgun Skill damage is increased by 47% and its animation speed by 150%
  • The Psiloi Combustor’s Boltgun Skill damage is increased by 87% and its animation speed by 20%
  • The Tarantula Turret’s Lasgun Skill damage is increased by 350% and its animation speed by 80%
  • The Tarantula Turret’s Bolter Skill damage is increased by 28% its animation speed by 80% but its internal cooldown is increased by 50%
  • The Tarantula Turret’s Flamer’s damage is increased by 78% and its internal cooldown has been reduced by 40%
  • The Tarantula Turret’s Missile Launcher’s damage has been reduced by 10% and its internal cooldown has been reduced by 40%. A Traumatize effect has been added to the explosions.
  • The Kastellan Robot’s Phosphor Gun’s spread has been reduced from 60° to 40°
  • The Kataphron Destroyer’s Flamer Skill will continue firing even if the primary target is dead.
  • The Kataphron Destroyer’s Gravcannon damage is increased by 17% and its internal cooldown is reduced by 17%. Damage tick frequency is increased by 20% but each tick deals proportionally less damage.
  • The Kataphron Vanguard and Destroyer's summoning Skill cooldowns reduced to 20 seconds from 60
  • The Kataphron Vanguard’s HP scaling is now improved by 50% (At max level it has 50% increased HP)
  • The Kataphron’s Greataxe Skill had its internal cooldown reduced by 25%
  • The Kataphron Destroyer’s HP scaling is now improved by 30% (At max level it has 30% increased HP)
  • Increased Area radius for many AoE skills and effects
  • Nova Psalm range is increased to 4 meters from 3
  • Assail Psychic Power’s width increased to 2.5 meters from 1
  • From now on the level 5 Ordo Reputation rewards also apply to the Constructs
  • The level requirement to start the Prophecy campaign was removed. It is now available after the player finished the main Martyr campaign
  • Added Artificer (purple) blueprints for all minion equipment 
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Update for Inquisitor - v2.1.2 - September 5
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325 days ago
Has the Magos Biologis Chapter @ issue addressed?  Any help appreciated!



326 days ago

Nice to see that the game is improving step by step,  but guys, the tech adept looks more like a pope with those ridiculous hats, the only hooded robe he has is the default one in the beginning. Can we expect more mechanicus-like appearence in the future?

329 days ago
  • Added Artificer (purple) blueprints for all minion equipment 

No Vivisector Claw blueprint or is bugged and not showing up it's the only minion blueprint missing for me

336 days ago
 You PC  guys getting taken care of good ?good good I’m glad to hear it that’s what matters .  Console gamers you guys pay $10 more than PC guys there for you matter less .  I love being second rate.  Keep up the bad work!! 
342 days ago
I'll be back at ~2.3-2.5. To many issues for me currently, several (easy fixable like sorting a list correct) bugs still not fixed (while reported many weeks ago). And still some (->for me!!) pretty important features missed or not working how i would like it (Yeah, i know that could also never happen).

Thats just my opinion of course.

343 days ago

Still bugged :(

343 days ago

Did you fix the problem with Cognis Protocol Heroic Deed?