Toxicrene AoE on Death


Whenever I kill one of these guys, it has a zone around it for probably 10 seconds that just melts me in about a second on higher difficulties, and I have absolutely no way to tell where it is or how long its actually active. My graphics settings are at minimum, but something like that should be present at all quality levels.

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Toxicrene AoE on Death
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255 days ago
This issue is already in the works, we will balance the Toxicrene's poison!
255 days ago
Yea, as a melee character thy are a bit ridiculous. My Assassin dreads them as the only elite if doing +9 level missions because I most often die as soon as they are dead. There is absolutely no cooldown between them dying and getting damaged by their blood.

I usually try to jump away as soon as I expect a hit of mine would be the fatal one. Some time it works, most often I immediately die. 

Give us at least a second to get away, please. I dread missions where there's 3 of them or I have "penalties on dying" tarot cards.

283 days ago
We will check this one out, thanks for the report!
286 days ago
I do agree that at least an indicator should be there, like the ones from Aeldari(?), when they die you see a purple light by the corpse and soon after it will blow up.

But once you get used to them, you know that you have to wait a bit, I think it's 5 seconds duration.