DLC Helmet Not Unlocking (Tech Adept) XB1 (Disregard)


Getting back into the game with Prophecy + DLC bundle on xbox. I beat the original campaign with other chars a long while back and only got the extra missions now. 

Got to level 30 to unlock the Triglav Sector for the Mind Plague DLC. I ran through that to get the helmet but on the cosmetics area/screen its still showing as locked, saying I have to beat the Mind Plague DLC. 

Do I have to beat the Tech Adept's campaign then do the DLCs to get those cosmetics? Or is this something else? 

***Nevermind - my mistake. Did "Drukari Menace" thinking it was the mission series. Saw it in the Astropath's mission list. 

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DLC Helmet Not Unlocking (Tech Adept) XB1 (Disregard)
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