Tech-Adept Data-flux bug



I think I found a bug with the tech-adept, as soon as I summon my second construct group my data-flux stops regenerating, although in my character stats it shows I've got +4 regen/sec.

It's pretty annoying cause I can't replace the loss of a member of the group until they're all dead. Is there a limit I'm not aware of ?

Thanks for your help,


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Tech-Adept Data-flux bug
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287 days ago
Thank you for your reply,

I checked by switching my game in english and indeed the description of that perk is wholly different in french.

As the translation only mentions a damage bonus for every summoned construct... strange.

Thanks again, now i'll pick another perk !

287 days ago
As we checked your character we found that you use the Skitarii Neurosync perk which has its side effect: -1.5 Data Flux Regeneration for every summoned construct. This is why you have no Flux regeneration if you use it with such a build. 
290 days ago

My account name is the same as here, as I linked my account, so it's ' Reasorn '. 

Thanks for your fast answer! 

Let me know if you need anything else. 

290 days ago

We would like to check your character, could you tell us your account name?