Tarot card drop rate very low for level 100s?


Ever since hitting level 100 the drop rate of Tarot cards for my Crusader seems to have dropped severely.

Running missions with lvl3 Treasure Trove (chance for duplicate item); lvl3 Momentum (chance for duplicate item) and a lvl4 Venom (Increased chance for Tarot cards and Empyrean Seals.)  Whether I run an Intel mission or random mission from the mission deployment screen makes no difference.

I am lucky if I get 1 Tarot card as a reward.  I use every boost to get more Tarot cards and I get 0 to 1 per mission.

Do Tarot cards stop working for level 100 characters?

Do level 100 characters have a different drop rate for Tarot cards?

Is this working as intended (dear lord I hope not) or a massive bug with Tarot cards/loot chances?

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Tarot card drop rate very low for level 100s?
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291 days ago

Others reported the same recently so we will check if something is wrong with the drops!

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292 days ago

I had the same issue the past few days. Then I did a coop mission with someone who didn't have bugged tarot card drops (they were the host) and now tarot cards seems to be dropping properly again.

Worth a try right?

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