Talking to Omicron


I am trying to finish chapter 2 of the main campaign by talking to the Omicron but the game won't let me. It says I completed the missions that lead up to him and that I should talk to him, but he is nowhere on the ship. I looked at the usual spot he is in and he is not there. Is my game bugged? Do I need to start over? What do I do? 

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Talking to Omicron
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187 days ago

We corrected the problem on our end, please check whether you still experience the issue!

189 days ago

I had the same issue and originally thought my game was bugged. However, he showed up once I progressed the other storyline/campaign missions. If you look at the quest window (top right) it should have arrows you can click to scroll through other campaign missions, try progressing your other missions and see if he shows up.

Hope this helps!