System influence no reward


I had 47 influence in one of the systems which had rewards for 50 and 100 system influence. I made mission with system influence boosting tarot cards and got more than 53 so I jumped over 2 tiers of system inflence rewards and got only the one for 50 while when I check it in the system the game shows I got both rewards but I never got the one for 100 system influence.

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System influence no reward
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1 year 27 days ago
The issue is still in the testing phase but we just compensated the 50 Fate points!
1 year 32 days ago
I'm playing on steam, account Tryor, character Borealus. 1st one was system Rotwang, I get the Item Collection (Signum) for 50 system influence but didn't get 50 fate for 100. Then I decided to test it in another system so I chosen system Malcorum because I didn't rly needed these 10 Ancient Mechanisms and the result was the same. I got 20 fate for 50 system influence but didn't get 10 Ancient Mechanisms for 100. So I think if you choose basically any system where you have enough influence to get 2 reward tiers with tarot boosted mission you get only the 1st reward.
1 year 32 days ago
Could you please tell me the system's name, the platform you are playing on and your ingame account name? We would like to check what you didn't receive.