[Solved] Story mission hangs on loding screen


Hi there! Great game, jut ran into a problem. On the Martyr Chapter 3 mission Entr the inner Sanctum, the loading screen hangs when the progress bar gets full. The game tells me it sends a crash report to you guys, so I'm hoping you can help me out. Everything else seems to work fine, just that one mission won't load.

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[Solved] Story mission hangs on loding screen
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2 years 326 days ago
Fixed it! I ran the verification tool in steam again and this time it found some corrupt files. It must not have completed properly the first time I tried it.
2 years 327 days ago
Try new character, had same issue with one of the chars
2 years 327 days ago
Thanks! I'm on PC. Account name is Kid Meatball toon is Heandron. Level 39 Crusader.

I have verified the installation with no effect. Video drivers are up to date, no overclock, and Windows 10 is up to date.

2 years 328 days ago
Could you please let us know on what platform you are playing?

If on PC please verify the game's integrity first to see if only some files got broken when you downloaded the game.
Please also tell us your account and character names we would like to check it.