Skull Procurators Not Being Counted


I've encountered a number of Chaos sorcerers who when they replicate themselves create one or more copies with skulls appearing above their heads to mark them as skull procurators. However these marked copies don't seem to count towards the skull procurator kills.

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Skull Procurators Not Being Counted
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2 years 115 days ago

Skull Procurators in the Unholy Cathedral are also not correctly counted.

I killed many  but only 1 get counted.

2 years 116 days ago
In my experience, the enemy must be named "Skull Procurator" upon mouse over.
2 years 116 days ago
I believe the bug is more that the original sorcerer doesn't have a skull, the copies that are created do, then you don't get a skull for killing the copies with the skulls. I'm not saying we should necessarily get the skulls, but if there is no skull to be gotten in the first place then the skull marker should not appear over their heads.
2 years 116 days ago

It's only one who summoned two decoys. If you hit the right one the other two just go poof.

So only 1 skull for this guy is actually quite right.