Shaking camera while talking to NPC or reading



I bought your game today in a local store for PS4 I cannot rate your game because it has a big flaw for me. The shaking camera !

That movement gives me headache and nausea.

The normal gameplay is no problem. I have a problem with the camera movement while talking to an NPC or reading a Logfile in-game. The camera is moving a little bit, more like shaking then moving.

Is there a way to disable the camera movement?

And why is the camera not standing still? What is the point to move the camera in talking scenes? 

Would be great to get some help, because at the moment I cannot play your game.

Thank you

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Shaking camera while talking to NPC or reading
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57 days ago
I cannot promise a change on this but I will discuss the matter with our designers! Thanks for your feedback!
58 days ago
Yes, it would be great if talking to a npc and reading a Log would have a montionless camera. 
59 days ago

Thank you for the additional details.
The moving camera is intentional when you are talking to an NPC or reading a log. Do you want it to be motionless?

60 days ago


I have no clue how to capture some own stuff. Here is a Video from the first minutes of your game.

At 6:05 as you will notice that the camera is zooming in a little bit and then while he is reading the massage and the monologue the camera is moving and zooming in and out. The hole thing is stopping at 6:55 .

And the first time on the ship talking with the captain is a overkill. This slightly moving camera in combination with with a moving background is killing me.

Thank you 

62 days ago
I think he is talking about the camera sway while talking to npc"s  on the bridge.I've noticed my ps4 fans going wild when I'm talking to the npc"s on the bridge maybe unlocked frame rate it's  alarming.
64 days ago
Could you be please more specific on this shaking issue? Is there any chance you can share a short footage about the problem? Our developers would like to check it out.