Server Lag / Rubberbanding


Since the last Hotfix we have several issues that got way worse than before. We only play coop:

1. Servers are lagging / rubberbanding hard, sometimes so much so that we cant see whats killing us or what we are shooting at.

2. We get stuck on maps after the teleport out animation, even when there was barely any lag during the map. Still full camera control and buffs etc ticking down, but unable to do anything else. Most times it now disconnect us with connection to sever lost message and full inventory rollback to before the mission.

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Server Lag / Rubberbanding
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45 days ago
This is not often happening, but it is not an directly uncommon thing to happen. So yes, it does occur, at times.
47 days ago
They use too  types of connections.  

1. There games severs . (Which is affected by ur connection. 

2. Ur own connection on fast u connection  to them.

3. If u lag or they lag  ( rubberbanding lag out etc . )

4. I have tested this with. Multiple ppl .