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New Feature: Rifts


Deep within Avalon reside two factions of the Sídhe, the Seelie and Unseelie. Their courts walk very different pathways in the twilight realms, but they are all drawn to these strange new occurrences throughout Avalon - the rifts, introduced in King Arthur: Knight's Tale's upcoming season, Rising Eclipse.

So, what are they exactly?

Arcane researchers are puzzled by these curious tears in the fabric of reality. Otherwordly earthquakes signal the opening of rifts, and they are oozing dangerous, seemingly uncontrollable energies. However, it seems that the Sídhe know a bit more about them, a knowledge yet hidden from Camelot. They want to claim these fissures to themselves - it seems that whatever ancient energy leaks from the rifts, it can make the Sídhe even more powerful.

In the new season of King Arthur: Knight's Tale this feature serves as a new challenge for Camelot's knights to overcome. Glowing magical rifts appear randomly on battlefields and grant huge boosts to all Sidhe units. These rifts function as barriers to the knights, they cannot step on the tiles where these magical fissures appear. However, Sídhe units are able to step inside the rifts, draining their energies and gaining buffs for themselves and allies within the mission. They can even chain together multiple enhancements by absorbing these powers.

This has grave consequences for battlefield tactics: now the player needs to take rifts into account when moving around. Are the rifts blocking your optimal path to the enemy? Is there a Sídhe unit close to one of these energy sources? Do you block their path or do you prepare for their increased HP and damage if that's not possible?

All Sídhe units will retain the acquired buffs until the end of the mission. But, if the enemy is defeated, all remaining rift energy can be interacted with and converted into a special resource that could empower player units in Camelot.

Rifts might occur outside of battles as well, but according to Camelot's wise arcanists, these are rare occurrences. However, they might provide interesting benefits.

The new season titled Rising Eclipse (together with Patch 2.0) will arrive on December 2, 2023 to the PC version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale. Previous season will be accessible from a menu. Also look forward to our announcements of the console versions and the next expansion. See you soon!

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Rising Eclipse - New Feature: Rifts
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