Relic enchants bug PS4 / PS5


Have seen it before (since server transfer update, also in ordo shops), but didn't suffered it myself until yet:

After "reroll all" on a beautiful level 99 archeo inoculator with components as I want them to be, I got from 1 (relic) + 5 (prim/sec) to a stupid doubled relic (relic enchant twice +4). - That makes that item completely useless. 

Please fix that. 

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Relic enchants bug PS4 / PS5
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59 days ago
Hi (and thanks for the update, good vibes),

looks like the bug is now exactly the opposite, at least on inoculators. - Every time you "reroll all", it will reduce the items enchants by one, stopping at three (relic + two). Works that way on broken items (i.e. doubled relic enchant) and on freshly crafted ones.

I don't know if its possible, but if so, I'd like to get that one inoculator fixed. It was such a great one, probably the best I've ever found. - A level 99 Archeotech with max. enchants. - If possible, please change the broken 2nd relic enchant back to a primary one. - Its placed in the inventory of my heavy crusader named "Cor'Zzak", PSN account RonSinatra. 

I swear, I'll never ever again "reroll all" on such good items.

75 days ago

I reproduced the issue on PC on an Archeotech Neural Implant based on a similar report we received over the weekend. The bug was sent to the tester team. Thanks for the details!