Relic Blueprints and suggestions


I just found a duplicate relic blueprint.  Given that I already already know it (and have 5 available crafts), I can't "read" it again.  I now have the choice of selling the blueprint or waiting until I have done 5 crafts then using my spare.  Why can't we "read" them more than once to stack crafts at the techpriest?  In the meantime it'll need to be in my stash where space is already at something of a premium.

A suggestion on these blueprints - since archaeotech items are a higher loot tier and a blueprint allows 5 crafts of them, maybe ordinary relic blueprints should allow 10 crafts as a default?  This would help differentiate them.

Next - it would be nice if there was some mechanism of influencing the types of affixes on the craft as there was with the previous system.  I'm not saying just pick affixes - because that would be op - but maybe if you're looking for a defensive item it would be good to be able to prioritise defensive affixes.

Lastly, please, please, please give us more stash space!

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Relic Blueprints and suggestions
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232 days ago
Indeed, this is something I agree on, added to our requested list, thanks!