Recall constructs


So far the TA rework looks very good. It is refreshing to see kataphron vanguards actively charging the xenos filth, rushing to heretics far from me to deliver their deserved judgement.

However, it would also be good to be able to recall them back to me. A summoning class missing a recall pets button is lacking a key feature. I remember from my first seasonal TA how my constructs often chased enemies to all corners of the map, always aggroing hordes of other mobs and often causing constructs' death - and mine soon after.

For some weird reason, supply charges continue to drop for the TA, even though he uses data-flux. Why not get rid of it and use one of the keybinds which will never be used by a TA, like execute, to recall all constructs back to the TA? In case they wander too far and risk aggroing a lethal group of enemies, we should have a way to avoid that.

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Recall constructs
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150 days ago
Your suggestion got forwarded to our designers. As for the drops, we will remove them with an upcoming hotfix update.