Randomly lose character control


I randomly lose control of my character while playing.

I play an assassin (new Seasonal). During combat, I lose complete control of the character. The mouse cursor moves, but doesn't accept any clicks on anything on the screen. No keyboard input affects the character. Escape still brings up the menu and I can click menu options. Dying restores control.

I am on PC via Steam.

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Randomly lose character control
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1 year 162 days ago
Happens frequently in coop games, getting knocked down makes character unresponsive until death or reconnect.
1 year 180 days ago
FYI - this only happens when I dodge as the assassin.
1 year 187 days ago
Correct. Everything works, except I can't move and I can't shoot. I can rotate the view with the middle mouse button, but I can't make the character do anything else.
1 year 187 days ago

This has been happening to me as well, on a Crusader.

The mouse and keyboard continue to work. I can pull up the menu with Escape, and mouse around it. However, movement, and button presses in game do nothing.

Death cures it. Death and respawn, or Death and Wait for revive in Co-Op missions.

There is no debuff associated that I can see, and it lasts a long time, if you have a tough character. Getting thrown around the screen and beat up for what could be a minute or more, depending on how many enemies are around.

I posted about it on Reddit here:

1 year 188 days ago
After dying in a mission you can properly control your character? Then I assume the problem is not the mouse movement disabled in the options right?