Rampant duping on PS!


Day 2 of the new season I was mailed full stacks of every psalm code and stacks of consumables. This instantly sucked the fun out of the new season for me. Now I'm hesitant to play co-op, am I alone?

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Rampant duping on PS!
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77 days ago

After all, I will report someone questionable on Playstation too.

It took me a while to do so, but I think its just right to do it since me and some friends kept stumbling over him every once in a while. Looking on the leaderboard, I always see his name at one of the top spots.

I'll give you some details in my mail.

Edit: Somehow I couldn't send the mail to [email protected], said its not available. / So I've sent it to [email protected], since I'm on Playstation anyway I think its even better fitting. :-) 

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133 days ago
Please do that: [email protected]


133 days ago

I can email them to you. Not giving out other players PSN publicly

133 days ago
Who sent them? Can you tell me the sender's name?
135 days ago

You can’t delete or return mail with attachments.  

Edit: Do you approve of exploiting these “glitches”?They didn’t just appear in my mail, someone sent them.

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135 days ago
I didn't hear similar feedback from other players. Quite a unique glitch it sounds. Delete them all and jump into the Season if it took away your motivation!:)
136 days ago
Didn't happen for me lol