Psyker Hidden Perks (Spoilers)


I am aware that there are several hidden perks in this game. I am using the psyker and have unlocked all but one last hidden perk.

I have unlocked the following:

1. Reckless (Hidden)
- Inverse Warp Attenuation perk

2. Custodian of Lore (Hidden)
- Psychic Supremacy perk

3. Prudent Mind (Hidden)
- Psychic Boon perk

4. Psychic Might (Hidden)
- Warp Heat Conversion perk

5. Metaphysics Expert (Hidden)
- Temporal Efficiency perk

6. Psychic Barrage (Hidden)
- Psychic Escalation perk

7. Ultimate Focus (Hidden)
- Psychic Sequence perk

8. ??????????

Anyone out there that can point me to a direction that would help me unlock this last perk?

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Psyker Hidden Perks (Spoilers)
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