Psyker DoT duration perk and passives broken, tick rate changes don't affect most DoTs


Psyker DoT passive and perk seem broken, tick rate changes from patch notes weren't universally applied.

With Enhanced Attrition (+3s to DoTs) perk, Caustic Reagents (+1s to DoTs), and Haemotoxins (+2s to DoTs), I should have +6s duration for a total of 9 seconds.

Durations I've observed:

  • Spontaneous Combustion: 3 seconds, 6 ticks at double rate for half damage.
  • Firestorm: 3 seconds, 6 ticks at double rate for half damage.
  • Haemorrhage: 7? seconds, 7 ticks at full damage, but normal rate.
  • Bio-Lightning with DoT mastery: 3 seconds, 3 ticks at full damage.
  • Crush with DoT mastery: 3 seconds, 3 ticks at full damage.
  • Assail with DoT mastery: 5 seconds, 10 ticks at half damage.
  • Shockwave with DoT mastery: 3 seconds, 3 ticks, full damage

At this point I removed the Enhanced Attrition and re-tested. Durations were the same, suggesting one problem is in Enhanced Attrition's duration effect.

I then talented entirely out of the DoT tree and re-took some of the damage/effects. No +duration.

  • Spontaneous Combustion: 3 seconds, 6 ticks, half damage.
  • Firestorm: 3 seconds, 6 ticks, half damage.
  • Haemorrhage: 5 seconds, 5 ticks, full damage.
  • Assail with DoT mastery: 3 seconds, 6 ticks at half damage

So it appears that the bleeds had 2 seconds added by the passives, and that Haemorrhage has a base of 5 seconds for some reason. The other DoTs did not seem to have duration affected. Burns seem to have double tick rate, but nothing increases their duration. There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to whether other DoT effects the double tick rate change.

I may eventually test this on a Seasonal character, but brief initial tests look identical. (I don't have +duration options yet). Frankly this gutted my enthusiasm for Psyker this season, and it hasn't even been 24 hours. I may not take that character far enough to actually test +duration.

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2 years 218 days ago
Hey there, Nahvin.

First, this was excellent experimentation. Your detailed note-taking was instrumental in helping understand what was going on.

Good news: there's totally some rhyme and reason behind this.

Bad news: you've identified at least three (probably four) separate bugs here.

The short version: (1) warp bleeds didn't get their tick rate updated to 0.5sec; (2) crush was accidentally applying a regular bleed instead of a warp bleed (which *did* get updated); (3) haemorrhage is actually implemented with a separate-but-equal fake bleed, which didn't get its tick rate updated.

I've sent neocore some more detailed information about this, but I thought you'd like to have a bit of explanation, too. I don't currently have a dot-duration update for you. Haven't looked into it.

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for the effort. Kudos.

2 years 220 days ago
I can confirm this doesn't work on ps4 either. It's super annoying as I built around dots.
2 years 221 days ago

Please share the exploit with us in an email, that will be the easiest way: [email protected] Thanks in advance!

2 years 224 days ago
Yet another test result: the "+100% DOT Duration" Psalm-Code did not affect either Spontaneous Combustion or Haemorrhage durations.

And for anyone else following along, Haemorrhage gains +2 sec duration from the Enhanced Effect mastery, changing from a base 5s to 7s.

Hope this helps.

2 years 224 days ago
Additional note related to +DoT duration: the "Bonus Duration to DOT Skills" value in the character UI doesn't seem to update. It always shows 5, for me.
2 years 224 days ago


Also: Is it possible to submit "secret" bug reports? E.g. Some forums allow you to write a post and then immediately delete it, so that only the moderators can see what you wrote.

I think I just found what may be a very easy-to-do infinite(?) loot exploit but obviously don't want to call attention to it for other players.

2 years 224 days ago
Thanks for the details, our designers will check what may went wrong!