Psalm Codes / Psalm Code Doctrine Effect Question


So this might be answered in another thread but I searched "Psalm Codes" and didn't find it addressed. I apologize if it has been covered.

The effect of the Psalm Codes & Doctrines seem a bit confusing to me.

Some like "+1% Crit Chance & +1 Crit Power for 2 seconds upon kill" seem like they would be an added effect to a weapon and would only affect that weapon's use. But what if it was placed into another item such as an implant or armor? What about a grenade? How about the Inoculator?

For Psalm Code Doctrines like "+50% Grenade and Mine Damage" would those three Psalm Codes need to be placed into a Grenade or Mine for it to work? Would placing them into a weapon provide the bonus?

An easy answer would be that it adds "+1% Crit Chance & +1 Crit Power for 2 seconds upon kill" or "+50% Grenade and Mine Damage" no matter where you put the Psalm Code or Psalm Code Doctrine on your character. 

Is that the case?  (If so then great!)

TLDR:  I suppose a succinct way to put it would be - do Psalm Codes/Psalm Code Doctrines provide Player Effects or Item Effects?

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Psalm Codes / Psalm Code Doctrine Effect Question
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54 days ago

They affect your character. So if you put "+50% Heat Damage" in your armour, the effect will apply to all your heat attacks.

With that said, several psalm doctrines are bugged and don't work correctly. For example the 'Aura or Nova now has a Slow tag' does not work with aura generated through the other psalm doctrine (Phosphoenic Psalm + Technomartyr Psalm + Neuralis Psalm + Binharic Psalm). I tried using both on my melee crusader, but the effect did not trigger at all.

What I would like to know is whether the doctrines slotted in weapons work even when that weapon is stowed. So if I put a '+100% Physical Damage' on my grav gun, would it affect me when using hammer + shield?

54 days ago
That is what I was thinking but was reading a guide elsewhere and the guy was insistent that the Psalm Effect only affected his weapon  into which it was slotted...I didn't think it sounded right.
54 days ago
It doesn't matter where you put the psalms and doctrines. It's all buffs for your character. Plenty of usual "x on hit", "x on crit" and "x on kill" as standard enchantments in all gear slots.