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Last night i bought martyr during a sale in the ps4. the story mode is fun, but there is rly seriuous grephic issues which make the game play well.. unplayble. the game just looks bad, with mostly blur terrain and wierd animation which gives me headches. r you planing to polish the ps4 game graphics? because im really thinking about refuning this. 


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PS4 Martyr
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279 days ago

i rly dont know wht ur playing, but looks like we r playing diffrent games. its unplayable for me right now :\ 

286 days ago
awesome!  I'm very happy to hear that it is coming soon-ish with improvements. I just purchased this on PS4 and am loving the gameplay  and systems, but it's giving me headaches after playing only about 30 minutes because of the tearing (I think that's what it's called, the thing where the background graphics get soup-y).  If that gets fixed I'll be super happy!  Maybe I'll just shelve it for now till the next patch comes out. 
287 days ago

An exact release date is not yet public due it depends on a couple of factors but it will come out during the winter! 

288 days ago
I run it on a PS4 (Pro, but graphics is the same on a regular PS4) ... Game looks fine to me. I've spent 100s of hours on it. Nothing is blurry or unplayable. Stuff might slow down for a moment if I'm hitting like 20 enemies at the same time with AoE, with explosions left and right, but that's it. Sharp textures, everything is recognizable. I'm playing on a 55" screen from around 3 meters distance. 
289 days ago

 how many "months"? Will the game be playble? i mean im sure its looking great on pc but tbh its looks like diablo 1 on ps4 version, even less smooth. Not sure how much u care, but sellin this product in this condition is really a failure. I Wouldnt buy the game if i knew it run like this. it aint right, and i wont buy/play games from developers that laugh at their customers in such ways. 

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289 days ago
With the release of Prophecy further optimization improvements will come to PS4 (these changes will come to console regardless of whether one owns the DLC or not). We are planning to release this DLC in the following months!