Ps4 Lost server connection in multi player campagn



Since the last update on ps4, the game have a lot of deconnection when we make a multi-player mission, the game freeze and we have a error message of server déconnection. When I'm solo no problem. 

Other problem after finish mission sometimes there is a server déconnection. 

The game is unplayable so do you think you can resolve it? 

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Ps4 Lost server connection in multi player campagn
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211 days ago
We are glad to hear that!:)
213 days ago
After yesterday's update, we did not encounter this issue any more. 
214 days ago

We got less disconnects, but still happened once. Weird one, I was the host, I got disconnected, but my friend was able to finish the mission. I got disconnected to main menu, logged back in, when I got on the bridge, I got another disconnect.

FPS was better, but no sound. Please fix the FPS issue on PS4 Pro

216 days ago
We just released a new patch on PS4, could you all please let me know if you run into the disconnection problem?


219 days ago

I have the same issue. For me and my friends the game would disconnect when encountering an elite enemy. We found a workaround, I would switch to range weapon and not use the R2+L2 skil.

219 days ago

Consistently claiming it's lost connection to the server. Dropping back to main menu. Lost all xp and loot during the mission. In addition to those things, can't join most games, says the game is full, though it isn't, and alternatively says mission has already started no matter how frequently over an extended period you try to join. Also...of the only two games I can join, only one can be successfully joined, the other when I join the other players are "invisible" and un-hearable, which I am completely certain is a sync issue. In that game the missions never start. Also on the "social" tab on my account never correctly shows my character info. It always shows a combination of my Psyker and the last party leaders info, combined. Wrong country wrong name wrong icon.

This game is great. I haven't enjoyed an arpg so completely since Diablo II. But the server unreliability, and lack of proper couch and or online, is pure heresy! If this game would've launched with a proper, full complete, 2-4 player couch co-op, with any mix of couch PLUS online, then maybe just maybe there might be more than the 20 of us playing it. I read all the reasons given for why mandatory online. None of them are acceptable. There are plenty of games with "dailies" "weeklies" "seasons" that aren't mandatory online. And the other reason you can more easily repair peoples characters/accounts. Well......if the game isn't broken in ways that would require what I mean? 

Diablo 3, console version, doesn't seem to have the problems Inquisitor Martyr has. And it was originally made for weaker tech on weaker networks.

2-4 Players with a mix of couch and or online (online play is optional and there's even LAN), check.

Daily and seasonal events/challenges, check.

Relatively reliable connection between players, check.

Yes I have considered, Activision (formerly blizzard) has A LOT of money to throw at things. Not everyone has a money tree. Buuuuttt! There are lower budget titles made by teams even smaller than yours who have made games with the above mentioned functionalities and are more reliable/stable.

Let me reiterate and clarify.....I LOVE THIS GAME. No arpg in all these years has satisfied me like this since Diablo II, not even (especially not) Diablo 3 (for preference reasons). I wanted Inquisitor Martyr to succeed, to take the scene by storm. To have an enduring lifespan like Diablo II, but it ended up being all but DOA. The 2.0 overhaul did wonders for the game. Much like D3's RoS overhaul. But in both cases, more so Inquisitor Martyrs, such overhauls are as they used to say "a day late and a dollar short". The online browser for ps4 is nearly empty all the time. Like I said maybe 20 or so people.

I think you blew it from the ground forward. 2-4 player couch and or online combo, and relatively reliable connection between players. These above all else killed this game almost immediately. People warn people "stay away from this game", and they do. Those of us who love this game and try to get others interested in joining in.....what are we to do when asked "does it have local co-op? Does it have a mix of local and online? Does it have a reliable connection?" Lie? Heresy! So we tell the truth and people say "pfft no thanks". I can't seem to get a single person interested once they know the answer to those questions. Even my son who is a 40k fanatic, pro level model painter (gets paid to paint other peoples models), no deal he won't touch it.

Guys....for the love of light and truth, purge the bs, set this game right or: declare it dead, shut down the servers, and remove it from the stores.

My heart felt sincerity.