PS4 Inquisitor Martyr issues


Inquisitor Martyr (6) issues and (2) comments/suggestions:

(PS4, PSN ID: "Fester710")

1 -  Player ID: "Fester710" (level 80 crusader) NPC vendor on bridge is stuck in loop talking about a new campaign mission assignment.This is preventing access to the Rogue Trader store. I have to either salvage my loot, or place items in the Stasis Casket to have a different player character sell them. This happened after I recently discovered a campaign mission available on the Starmap (long after I had completed the entire campaign). I played said mission, and it was the one where you get to pilot the tank. (I recall this particular mission crashing the game many times back when I first played.) The game continued through several more (long ago) completed campaign missions, until the current issue occurred.

2 - I completed all DLC and Priority Assignment missions, and still did not get the Skull Mask. I have purchased and completed everything (except for highest level Warzone rank), and I don't know what I need to do to earn this item.

3 - Stolen Relic / Reliquary chests have not been seen in weeks. During my 1st campaign playthrough, I found 14 of the 50 needed for the "Relic Hunter" Heroic Deed. I have completed a 2nd campaign playthrough, and done hundreds of random missions, and not seen another one of these special chests. This is preventing me from unlocking the Subdermal Plating perk.

4 - Psyker (character name: "Bolivar710", level 31) consistently crashes game when attempting to access the "Tome of Power" for configuration of the psychic powers. I submit PlayStation error reports every time, but it's quite ridiculous how many times this happens. It seems to always work okay the first time after a fresh boot of the game.

5 - Priority Assignment Debriefing text window issue. Sometimes when the left side of the text window needs to scroll up or down it's not possible (when the right side window also scrolls). When this occurs, it makes it impossible to read everything in the left side window. If you simply separate the left and right sides' ability to scroll with the two controller sticks, it would resolve this issue.

6 - Weekly Glory starts in the negative. On multiple occasions, the first time I earn Glory points for the week, my points begin in the negative. This week, my first mission gave me 23 Glory, but I only got 0, because it showed my weekly amount starting at -23. This is mostly just an annoyance, as I grind out hundreds or thousands most weeks, but I wanted to let you guys know that something odd is happening.

1 - PSN store description of the "Grim Penance" DLC states that the reward for completion is a "unique Tarot card", but the reward I got was red banners to hang around the bridge ("Voltaic Brazier"). I assume this was just a mistake in the store's content description, but it could lead to false advertisement accusations, since money is required for it. The Xbox version has the same description, but I don't own that version to know if the reward is the same.

2 - On a positive note, I want to say that I love this game, in to which I've invested hundreds of hours. I'm fairly new to the Warhammer 40K universe (as well as ARPGs in general), and I'm enjoying the ride. Keep up the great work! Cheers

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PS4 Inquisitor Martyr issues
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317 days ago

Issue with mission loot screen not appearing despite box not being ticked in options menu.

Glitch on elevated walkways map where player falls through floor, can be bypassed by using a roll but may be impassable for characters without access to roll abilty.

Would it be possible to fix collateral damage for priority missions, I realize it's rng but I don't think it's very fair for players to be penalized for something that they have no control over for example, I started a priority mission picked option for no collateral damage yet when the mission advanced I was already twenty percent in collateral damage so then I was playing catch-up for the rest of the assignment only surpassing the collateral damage on final mission for a measly two glory arter nine missions very frustrating and very unfair, maybe implement a mission to reduce collateral damage like sending apothecaries in to help while the player provides covering fire and depending on how many survive could determie how much damage is reduced and if all apothecaries die then the assignment fails, high risk versus high reward.

Aside from these issues I'm very impressed by the 2.0 update really good job and so nice to see a development team that listen to the community and want to evolve their product for the better, well done to all of the development team.

When are the tyrannids making an appearance the are one of my favourite W40k races, I love their single minded purpose and the fact that they just want to eat everything.

326 days ago

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327 days ago
I don't see any option to attach a photo or I would upload it. I think it is some kind of glitch keeping it from spawning since that thing is floating where the chest should be. 
329 days ago
I've done quite a few void crusades though. 
330 days ago
You can more likely to encounter Reliquaries in Void Crusade missions!:)
332 days ago
I have the same issue with the reliquary. I haven't found one yet and there is just a floating metal looking thing where it should be on the map. 
1 year 172 days ago

Increasing the chests in missions cannot be done in a short period of time but we will pay attention to this!

1 year 173 days ago
My Crusader appears to be back to  normal. Thanks for the speedy response! Should I start seeing the Reliquary chests, or is that still being looked into? Cheers!
1 year 173 days ago

Thank you for the additional details!
In the meantime could you please check your Crusader's progress? We made some changes on our end!

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1 year 174 days ago
Thanks! Your help is much appreciated. As an addition to issue #6, my glory points for this week did not get out of the negative until my fourth mission that gave them. Strange... I did screenshots, but this doesn't crash the game, so no error report to attach to. Perhaps you'll consider giving the Skull Mask to everyone again soon. I try not to complain, but this game has had more issues in the last couple months that I've had it than the dozens of my other PS4 titles combined. I know you guys are not one of the mega-size companies, so I try to cut you all some slack. Cheers!
1 year 174 days ago

thanks for the detailed report as well as feedback!
Regarding your points:
1. We will handle this matter on our backend, it will take at most a couple of days, thanks for sharing your player ID.
2. The Skull mask was an event item back in June 2018 on PC and as a compensation for a crash issue occurring on console, our Xbox and PS4 players got the item as well. This, though does not apply for those players who joined our community afterward.
3. We will check the rate of appearance of the Reliquary chests and will increase there numbers upon finding necessary so you will be able to complete the Deed.
4. We are aware of the crash issue upon interacting with the Psychic Powers panel on the Command Bridge. Our console team is working on this issue beside a couple of others and we are planning to release a patch soon which will bring the fixes!
5-6. We will check and correct them if necessary!

1. Thanks for noticing it, we will correct the DLC description ASAP!
2. Such words always warm our hearts, we are glad you took a liking to the game!