[PS4] Again Story Bug



There are always updates out. unfortunately nothing works afterwards ...
now I can not do anymore story Mission with my mage from chapter 4

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[PS4] Again Story Bug
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3 years 333 days ago

We needed several PSNs to exactly identify the problem but we made a general fix not an account-based one!
Please check on your progress now, our colleagues have made some fixes on our backend and a few more are in the preparation!

3 years 333 days ago


can we play now the game? or you fix all bug personally identifiable?

its so bad that we write a ticket and than you fix the bug for one person... but the problem is not with a person the problem is everywhere... 

3 years 336 days ago
Have the same problem with all three of my characters, all main story progression has disappeared from the starmap and notifications, and assignments no longer complete, resulting in the screen loading back in with no character and fixed camera in place of where character exited the map.

Had no problems prior to this so can only assume this has been caused by the most recent patch. Especially as it has affected all three characters simultaneously with each at different points in the campaign: crusader season 2 missions, assassin season 1 missions, and psyker main missions chapter 3.

hopefully it's a quick/easy fix if I have to start all three characters again then I'm done. Especially crusader lvl 74 all relic gear :( took a long time getting the gear for that build.

3 years 336 days ago
Was stuck on chapter 2 then deleted character now I can’t get past chapter 1.
3 years 336 days ago
I can't do anything after chapter 1
3 years 336 days ago

The meiner in my cabal havend the same problem

3 years 336 days ago
This just happened to me, chapter 4 clue 4 out of 7 follow the trail of drakan. I just posted with a screenshot right above you