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"When will the dlc release on console" is a frequent question that I have heard and seen been aksked the last few months. And is a question I have asked with barely any good answer given. Progeny have been out on pc for half a year now, and console players have asked when we could expect it to come to us. Whenever we have gotten an answer from a dev all they have said is that they're team is working hard on the port to console, and we will be informed shortly. After a few months the answer what's that we would get an answer  in autumn 2019, and nothing happened. Then there was some who said before the holidays 2019, and still nothing. Now they said during the last days of 2019 that we will get the dlc this winter, and more information in the following weeks. More than 2 weeks have now passed since then and we are in a new year. And as of now there is no news.

While console players are still waiting for the smallest surreal answer to when we might get an answer of how much longer we have to wait for the dlc, pc player get new content beyond the dlc we are waiting for. I have several friends who most likely will never return to the game because of how bad the support for console is, and I am most likely going to let this game and the games after to go into oblivion if I see the abysmal support keep happening.

The answer I want, and most of the console community is when we can expect it and why the support for console is as bad as it is. I can understand that pc is the priority, but that does not mean it is acceptable to just brush the console community under the rug nad try to just ignore them. If the release window for console is 2-3 months later than pc is it not good must it is acceptable. But more than half a year later it's horrible and embarrassing as a game developer.

What I want from the community is the comment on how you perceive the release of this dlc and the support for console.

What I want from the devs is a real answer I concrete answer sett in stone. Not a vague implication of when we have a small chance to see it. The last one information I saw said this winter but at this point I do not believe it until I see a real answer and proof of it.

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Prophecy on console
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3 years 127 days ago
Now that we've got a release date for Prophecy, can someone get item trading / mail on the console? A loot game without trading is pretty silly!
3 years 128 days ago

We will be going live today at around 4 PM (CET) - less than 7 hours later. You can watch us on our official Twitch channel:

3 years 129 days ago

Marcopoloc said it in the post before:

"But the long awaiting time will soon come to an end: we will be streaming shortly where we will reveal the exact release date of Prophecy! According to our plans the stream will take place next week so stay tuned."

This was last week. So the stream will happen this week. 

3 years 129 days ago
any new information about this?? or when is going to be any new information ?
3 years 135 days ago

We understand your concerns regarding the release of Inquisitor - Prophecy on PS4 and Xbox.
Unfortunately the development as well as the lengthy certification processes made us unable to provide a date or a deadline as they could easily change due to various factors.

But the long awaiting time will soon come to an end: we will be streaming shortly where we will reveal the exact release date of Prophecy! According to our plans the stream will take place next week so stay tuned.

We would like to thank your patience throughout the past few months.

3 years 141 days ago
I fully agree. I have a small YouTube channel that was built on the PS4 version of this game and it went from 20 to over 430 subscribers since the game released. It may not sound like much but for organic growth that is pretty good. The problem is, most of the comments have now turned to abject anger at the dev team for their complete lack of consideration for the console community. Why split a player base so much?!

It is normal that small teams have staggered releases but what I cannot understand, as the OP said, why is additional new content being released for the PC version of the game when console players are being left high and dry? Sure fire way to kill a game.

Each season was approximately 2 months behind PC but we are now 6 months for Prophecy. Even if the developers game some reason for the delay it would be better than nothing, silence is not acceptable.

If you want your product to survive and  prosper you need to keep your community engaged, not just a single section in a forum that is never looked at