Possible Psalm Doctrine Error


Hey all, I was trying different psalm doctrines and I think this one might be bugged:

Aegis Psalm + Hypergheist Psalm + Shroud Psalm + Nova PsalmEnergy Shield HP is doubled but Maximum HP is reduced to 10%

The energy shield buff seems to work, but the hp reduction seems a bit off. Unlike the Frenzon Dispenser perk that yields -10% Max HP immediately if you have it equipped, this doctrine doesn't seem to actually reduce hp by 90%. Instead, it keeps your max HP as is, but you if get hurt your hp won't regenerate at all past 10%

I feel like I may have worded it a bit weirdly, so to illustrate what I'm trying to say, here's a table:

Player Health / ShieldCurrent HP / Shield with DoctrineWhat HP / Shield should (?) be with Doctrine
9000 / 30009000 (the same) / 6000900 / 6000

Is this intended, or am I correct in saying it's bugged?

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Possible Psalm Doctrine Error
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1 year 324 days ago
Whether it's a bug or not is not my purview. However, this is how this doctrine has been working for at least a year. There are some benefits to it. For instance, this is one of the few ways to maintain an exposed state for non-trivial amounts of time. Exposed builds are still fairly weak (mostly due to the enchants being underwhelming), but it can be fun to experiment. It ends up being a bit tricky to bring online, since you must find a way to remove the HP, but there are some tricks (inoc, warp heat self-damage, etc.).
1 year 325 days ago
Of course, happy to help! Thanks for the quick replies on all my threads :D
1 year 326 days ago
At first glance I would say you're right but we have to test this out on our end. If it is bugged we will correct as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting it!:)