Playing Tech-Adept Inquisitor - invincble chest and turret?


Hi there, I had beeen playing for hours and manged to find out that the turret where you press F to enter... they are invincible. If I do click the middle mouse and turn camera a little, I do see it. 

For the loot chest, sometime they shine yellow and doesn't show any chest texture? 

This is not right... 

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Playing Tech-Adept Inquisitor - invincble chest and turret?
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298 days ago
Hi Marcopolocs,

I am playing with a crusader. Noticed the same bug. This is what becomes invisible for me:

- the turret emplacements you can interact with.

- the chest illuminated in the secret rooms where you fight chosen champions of chaos

- the grey units in Word Bearers levels with machine guns (I believe they are called Unbound Enforcer or something).


302 days ago
We are already investigating the matter. Thank you for the valuable additional details!