PLaying Martyr on 2 screens


Hey, im playing Martyr on a setup with 2 screens.

One for the game, the second for music/videos and so on.

I have the problem that while im playing missions in Martyr, every video i play on my second stream stutters and then breaks off completely. This happends with twitch, YT and other streaming/player im using.

The videos are normal when im just on the bridge in Martyr doing nothing.

My setup is:

Intel I5 7300k

Geforce GTX1070Ti

I tried disabling Vsync from the graphiccard, but that doesnt help.

It works with every other game, just Martyr seems to have issues.

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PLaying Martyr on 2 screens
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307 days ago

same here. Played Martyr on both settings, currently on Windowed mode, its easier to tab out of game this way.

308 days ago

At any windowes mode. i dont understand what happening, update bios, reinstall all drivers, even disable all audio devices besides main audio card...

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310 days ago
Are you using fullscreen or borderless?
315 days ago
hi, have the same problem, but my happens when any mission is loading, very rare when im on a mission.

my pc:

i7 8700k, gigabyte z370 aorus ultra gaming, 32gb corsair vengeance, 1080ti, 2 dell U2715H


316 days ago

This sounds interesting as we do not experience such a thing while Martyr is running. We will make some tests with a similar setup than yours!

316 days ago
memory is fine, its increasing for around 10%-15%

The CPU is after i started a mission after a few seconds already on 100%.

This also happends when i run nothing else, no browser or other games.

317 days ago

Check how much memory the game uses up because if its too high, other programs may not run properly in the background. 

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