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seems like sometimes things disappear not sure if its AMD Driver issue or game issue but seems to happen be an issue sense last patch 2.2

1 some clothing the emblems on sleves ended up glitching out making straight red lines that shoot out from the shoulders

2 sometimes on some missions the gates that you need to blow up for nurgle become invisible 

3 sometimes chest disappear or become inadvisable when you walk up to them

I have all gfxs maxed out  using 

cpu AMD Yrzen 9 3900x 12 core

ram 32 GB

Hard Drive M2 4 tb

Video Card AMD Radeon VII -> Driver 19.11.1 installed

Freesnyc 2 monitor Samsung

my freind told me he was having same issues and he has a diff machine but still running amd drivers 

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4 years 12 days ago
The 2nd and 3rd issue is already under investigation on our end.

Could you tell me more about the 1st issue? A screenshot would be also helpful if you have any.