[PC] Literally can't press the quit button on the first mission after character creation


It's greyed out, can't click it with a mouse , can't click it with a controller, wtf am i supposed to do ? 

I knew i was gonna be playing a somewhat buggy game but this is kinda funny.

Seriously tho what can i do ?


Store Page
308 days ago

We corrected the issue last night please check if you can proceed now in the campaign! 

309 days ago
Bought the game including most dlcs for 86+euro, played first mission, could not click the "complete mission" button...tried three additional characters, no one could move on with this mission.

Uninstalled, refunded all the money. GG Neocore. After having bought all Van Hellsing games, this is already a major fuck up for me personally. No money for buggy games.