[PC] Hotfix for Inquisitor | July 8


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v2.4.0b

Bug fixes

  • Numerous crash and stability fixes
  • Fixed an incorrect string for the "Shield HP regeneration / sec" enchant
  • Fixed an incorrect string for Construct life Drain
  • Fixed the Level 35 Void Crusade reward window
  • Fixed a display issue where non-Season characters had Void Brethren insignia slots displayed
  • Implemented a scroll bar on reward windows
  • Reward windows now display rewarded currencies properly
  • Fixed an issue where the next reward window after completing a Void Crusade had an incorrect background
  • Fixed an issue where where construct and NPC kills did not complete Seasonal objectives
  • Inverse Warp Attenuation Perk now works properly
  • Tech Adept Dominus now unlocks Skitarii Neurosync Perk at lvl 11 to avoid display conflicts
  • Grenade damage was fixed on both perks


  • Improved the loot of the Alpha Legion Soul Grinder
  • Kataphon Destroyer's Cognis Flame is no longer cast on invalid targets
  • Inverse Warp Attenuation's life drain was increased from 10% to 20%
  • Kataphron Vanguard's aggro range increased from 25 to 40 meters
  • Psyker Strain Transfer (Debuff tree) passive was changed to give Warp heat on Kill instead on debuff apply
  • Psyker Warp Heat dissipation Perk was changed to work in Focused State only
  • Mind Rift I : Damage Bonus increased from 45 to 55%
  • Mind Rift II: Damage Bonus increased from 75 to 90%
  • Psyker Warp Anomalies now have chance to spawn every second, 10% chance in Imperiled (Yellow), and 20% chance in Unhinged(Red) state. We'll monitor this behavior and change it if we deem it too extreme.
  • From now on, one target can only have 3 active Blessings (Psyker)
  • Warp heat states now properly scale with your Maximum Warp Heat,  Imperiled (Yellow) state starts at 40% Warpheat, Unhinged(Red) state starts at 80%.
  • Extermination Warp heat cost increased to 25/sec
  • Haemorrhage's warp heat cost increased to 15/cast
  • Relic enchant: Healing based on warp heat 's chance was halved
  • Relic enchant: Enemy explode based on warp heat's chance was halved

Developer Comment: While the Psyker overhaul last season was mostly a success we noticed players taking advantage of a lot of unintended combinations (one might even call this exploiting). The whole class resources mechanics was circumventable making Warp Heat and any connected effect practically obsolete, giving some certain crafty Psykers a massive advantage over the rest of the playerbase.

As always, our goal isn't to make certain builds impossible but to cut back on exploting things that aren't available for other classes.

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[PC] Hotfix for Inquisitor | July 8
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2 years 362 days ago
The positive anomalies are not nearly as rewarding as the negative ones are punishing. If the hotfix had been to remove all positive warp anomalies while in an Unhinged state: the builds would still be perfectly playable.

As it is however: the skills and talents exists in the game that encourage you to maintain Unhinged warp status that clearly a number of people have spent time building around are now essentially useless. Staying in the unhinged state for any appreciable amount of time is now just a death trap. You may as well have just removed those perks and skills from the game, or made them less beneficial in order to scale down how much benefit one receives from the Unhinged status and to encourage warp heat management.

Reducing total number of buffs is quite a nerf in the first place: adding randomly spawning negative effects for maintaining high warp heat on top is kind of overkill. 20% chance every second makes it pretty common that you get a lot of negative anomalies spawning in close proximity, and depending which ones they are: you're basically dead. 

Negative RNG mechanics that punish you for basically following the design path set out for the class that are so severe is just really poor design. The fact that it came in a hotfix after already starting to do new season content was even worse. Was enjoying this game a lot and was waiting to see if there were any adjustments to this, but the combination of poor design, poor timing of implementation and that a number of very reasonable observations have been made about it to no avail have motivated me to uninstall and leave a review of do not recommend.

If that seems harsh just think about it like this: would you tell someone to invest time and money into a game where your investment is at risk of randomly being made obsolete not as a bug or as part of an announced sysmtem overhaul, but just as a hotfix?

No thanks.

3 years 5 days ago

Also if your number generator is off, it would explain why your 10% and 20% spawn for anomalies every second is off as well and why they are spawning so often. Would of added this to my last post, but for some reason, my abilities to edit post has been taken away or doesn't last more than a few minutes....  

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3 years 5 days ago
If you set your base chance for positive warp anomaly at 50% as you say. You are gonna want to look at your random number generator rolling for the chances as it seems way off and rolling for most negative anomalies. I would say we are getting more along the lines of 30% tops, that is stretching it, and most of the time 10% positive anomalies. That was as of last week before the hotfix. Now it has gotten stupid.. If fact it feels like the perk doesn't activate at all unless you are getting anomaly while casting. Just bad all over the place and in numbers that make it impossible to even play a pysker on anything above your level missions, even on your level forget it, unless you are using a teleport ever other second, Forget the cover system, and Forget tarot cards, seal, or anything else.. 

These changes have also made the auras useless as if you even have one, which takes 25% of your heat level, you are already more than half way to causing anomalies to pop up almost every second while standing still. Forget using any big spells at that point. Throw using 2 auras out the window as well, even with heat reduction on them. 

Something is off with your number generator used for rolling outcomes. Doesn't matter what you set your chances at in the data files, if you are using an outdated or old style generator, as they aren't truly random and unless your weight them with a purpose in mind. It won't act like you want it to. If will favor a certain range of numbers and will rarely go outside of them. 

Love the game, but atm being a pysker is just a waste of time and irritating. Was fun as hell a few weeks ago, before the changes..  A good glass cannon that fulfilled its roll nicely. Now.. it is just a piece of glass in a 200 MPH hurricane. Not trying to be mean here, I just spit it as I see it and don't like beating around the bush so to speak.   

3 years 6 days ago
The positive warp anomalies do not counter balance the negative ones. The triangulating one can frequently be deadly when fighting higher level enemies and there are some that are immediately deadly, whereas,  the  green or red balls that spawn generally out of reach are not that helpful.   In addition, any beneficial anomaly that requires one to be stationary is a death trap. 
3 years 7 days ago

I can understand trying to Balance psykers as it is a unique build with challenges to rein in a class that in the lore has the potential to destroy planets by losing focus for a second.  However this changes at the moment are pushing anyone who using the classes into a pigeon holed build with no options. It is either you stay in green or keep constantly bombarded by the warp. Which makes half the perks and passives useless. 

Lets put this in perspective to other classes. I met a crusader the other day with a flamer so strong I couldn't even stand in front of him for a second in PVP without death in an instant. Not complaining, good for him, I bet it took a long time for him to get that.  Now with my psyker I can't even stand in front of a data vault without warp anomaly coming after me or risk death because I have auras on. So he gets to go on a causal walk around boards and kill anything that gets close. I however as a pskyers, if I build myself to even approach his damage levels, am punished for even standing still with a high heat level and auras on.  Am I not allowed to have a build as good as that crusaders?

I am getting Warp Anomaly  after Warp Anomaly just for being at high heat levels. I literally just stand there, not casting a thing, and they keep coming... One right after another. The warp attunement perks isn't doing anything either. It is just bad anomaly one after another. If I cast and cause one, I get good anomaly maybe 30% of the time on the high end. That is stretching the numbers. It is more like 10% of the time tops I get a good one when casting. I had 6 different warp spawns groups coming after me because I got in one fight the other day with a boss and they kept coming. I was fighting warp spawn for 10 minutes before it stopped, long after the boss was dead...  

ATM the game is unplayable as all I am getting is bad anomaly just for walking around in high heat levels. I had like 4 triangle things, 3 explosions, a few tornados, and multiple chaos spawn coming after me while just trying to holding f on a data vault.

My build is powerful true, some might say too powerful. If comparing it to builds of other classes like that crusade with the instant death flamer not so much though. I have build my build to do lots of damage in the high heat range. In order to do that though and stay alive. 80% of my builds is focused on survival. I have 2 things that save me from death if I happen to make a mistake. I don't think there is a single piece of my armor, abilities, or perks that doesn't have something to do with regening health, suppression, or shields. On top of that, I have to have the teleport armor and sword in order to move around so I can stay alive... If I make one mistake I am dead. If I get surrounded, I am dead. Now, if I stand still for longer than a few seconds I am dead. I sacrificed a lot to do the damage I do. My whole build is mostly focused on just staying alive, just so I can do enough damage to kill things in the higher difficulty. I was doing insane level missions as of last week, now I would be hard pressed to even do something a few level above me.  Hell, just now a mission on my level almost killed me like 10 times while I was trying to hold F on a data vault. 

Isn't devoting the majority of my build to just surviving enough  so I can do the damage? Now the board is just filled with anomaly and ever time I cast a spell I take damage from it. What I am suppose to do?  Choice the one options is what you are forcing us to do.  Use the one build and no other options is the option.. or roll a different class. No diversity of builds, just stay green or die and half of your perks and abilities are worthless.  

As a fellow game developer I understand the issues you face with balancing. You have classes that have a multitude of different things that people can use to make unique builds. Players will always find combination that are strong though and alot of times things you never thought of. They will spend months pouring over your data and thinking of ways to make something the best it can be. If you punish them every time they find something cool by taking it away though. You are just going to run your player base off. 

The purpose of all games is for people to relax and have fun. A Rule of thumb I use with balancing, unless it is whole unfair and cheating the game mechanics somehow in a way that is hurting the rest of the player base, like exploiting something to gain loads of free money. I let people have their cool finds. Otherwise you are going to be in a constant war with your player base of them finding a new cool combo and you nerfing it, because you think it is not intended or how you wanted it. Ask yourselves, are you making the game for yourself or your players? Sometimes things you find unfair are actually not, sure it is powerful, but how much do they sacrifice in order to do it? Me for a high heat pskyers like 60% to 80% of my build is for survival and 20% for damage. Even my damage abilities have something for survival. 

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3 years 7 days ago

i agree if you look at the numbers at first glance it looks "fair",  but since this is  every second it becomes at reability to work with especially in unhinged stage, and instead off feeling like a risk / reward system, it feels like a game of chance.. :-(

From the description..

  • Psyker Warp Anomalies now have chance to spawn every second, 10% chance in Imperiled (Yellow), and 20% chance in Unhinged(Red) state. We'll monitor this behavior and change it if we deem it too extreme.

When you run in Imperiled state,  there are no benifit either in the trees or perks ( i might be wrong ) which in turns means that you mostly are being punish for having buffs on. (warp speed, endurence ect..)  Again this is counter intuitive since you have perks and skills that gives you surviability and damage via buffs and the amount you have on you (Atoniment ect..), but in doing so, you are putting your whole play style in jeperdy due  to the constant warp anormaly spawns :-)

Have a look at this video how much it spawns warp anmorlies when you run a fuld unhinged build, and are relying solo on pyro blast

The problem being you cannot stand stil because of the constant spawing :-)

Marcopolocs / DevTeam i hope you see what i am trying to point out with this :-) love the game and story and everything, but i think it would be a shame if the unhinged psyker will be obsolet due to this change :-)

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3 years 7 days ago
Well, the chance to get a positive Warp anomaly is about 50% so it's not that punishing as it seems at first glance. Nevertheless, we will keep listening to the feedback received in this regard and will rebalance the current states accordingly.
3 years 7 days ago

it seems very counter intuitive to make the warp anomalies spawn so offen, and then have a unhinged skills both in the trees and perks...

You cannot not run unhinged builds anymore since you are constanly in danger off dying from anomalies... the damage you get from the skils and perks where great and fun to run, but since now you always need to to deal with anomalies, then it just spikes the difficulties way more then just running a build in a green state..

in my mind this should be tone WAY down again and maybe even revert it back to what it was before this patch... :-)

3 years 7 days ago
I will forward all your feedback to the head of our designers and they will consider them all. Thanks, everyone!
3 years 7 days ago

Well, I would say, ideally,  a fun gaming experience would be that every character has several unique builds to conquer the hard levels, with similar efforts (balance).

Perhaps with these changes in season 3, more possible having such experience for techpriest, less possible having such experience for melee players and psykers?

Most complaints I heard in this week are :

1. Warp heat punishment are rather too harsh now. 

2. Life in 20+ levels becomes much harder, partially because of strong enemy DoTs and stun-immune Bosses.

This is especially true for melee players, they could be killed before they can reach the enemies and recover HP and shield from damage.

(On the other hand, finally the DoTs immune holy armor becomes useful......An ironic situation.)

Let's see if we could find new ways to face the challenges. The Emperor Protects.

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3 years 7 days ago

Kind of frustrating to have dozens of hours spent on a character suddenly become obsolete in a sudden hotfix of all things.

3 years 8 days ago
Yeah, I think 40% is a bit early to start suffering from warp anomalies and they also spawn too often. It makes it much harder for a high level character to complete some of the missions that come at the end of a void crusade. 
3 years 8 days ago

Hey. I can see what you are going for with the Psyker but for me it has made my only high level character unplayable as he is. I have from level 1 used the perk that gives 10% power pr buff and used this as a base. I started out using melee weapons but after some time i though it was funnier with the warp abnormalities  coming in. The random element could turn a situation from bad to worse and around mid level my damage would at times be so bad that i would summon more demon than i killed. This was the price to pay for being at unhinged. And at no point did i think this was exploiting there are perks that only works when at unhinged. I am a noob still, i dont know what is meta i am still looking up stats and stuff and my char could not do missions more than +5-6. Now on open maps unhinged can be dealt with to some degree but closed map and with missions like data collection where you have to stand still. The screen will be full of stuff within 4-8 seconds. Everything that made my char work has be changed. I did void crusades, i did ordos missions, +5 priority assignments. Now i cant do 2 +4 missions without dying to complete a challenge an get 25 fate. Ill read some guides and remake my psyker or make a new character. But right now it sucks to play this game. (i copied this to the steam thread)