(PC) Command bridge is gone


The command bridge will not load. Since I updated my game, the command bridge is just a black screen behind all the notification boxes and the buttons at the bottom that switch to various things (character, glory, missions, etc). I've launched the game three times and loaded both of my characters multiple times, the bug won't go away. Everything that does not involve the command bridge area and the characters there is fine; I'm even able to play missions.

Edit: adding a screenshot.

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(PC) Command bridge is gone
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327 days ago
I verified the integrity and found two file errors. After fixing them, the command bridge loads in and everything in the area works fine.

Thank you

330 days ago
Thank you for the screenshot, the issue got forwarded to our developers, however in the meantime please verify the game's integrity in Steam at least 2 times in a row so we can exclude the possibility of a broken file caused by the new update.
333 days ago

I currently have 2 characters. I do not remember making a third. This bug appears for both characters.

I have edited the original post to include a screenshot. Everything you see is interactable, but the command bridge and everything in it does not appear. 

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334 days ago
As I see you have 3 characters. Neither of them can reach the Command Bridge?

Additionally if possible please attach a screenshot to your original post, it would help us a lot. Thank you in advance!