patch 0.0.4



after plaing the whole 1st campain/chapter  i can feel that those changes are great.

Giving player a hero/knight when you got on a mission is better then giving every hero at the start(like it was in 0.0.3).

changes for a vanguard was also good becase in pathch 0.0.3 you could feel he is a BIT broken.

I feel that arcanist needs a bit changes becase right now he is the best knight there is, without him missions are difficult(he got a lot of arrmor at the start of the fight, not many enemies are attacking him, and his armor pen is a bit too much becase, at the end fight with arturs soul mage removed his whole armor with 1 or 2 hits) but with him its easy.

marksmans are ok balanced in my opinion.

champions were a bit lacking becase there is no room to take every class :/ (i had a feeling that they dont bring much to the team.

i dont know if you there will be an upgreat for 1 additional knight slot but it might be cool(i dont mean in chapter 1 or 2, but at the end it might be cool to take more knights on mision)

the laws are a cool edition to the game, but some of the options didnt feel like a bonus/negative (some of the laws have something like : give all of your old church -2 loyal (you have 0 knight with it) but give you + 2 to every 'good' knight (you have 3 of them).

other then that i can feel this game can be a great HIT, just need a bit more time in 'development kitchen'. 


patch 0.0.4
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1 year 222 days ago

I have to disagree with you about champion class. With right armor and Readines and on top of that Defensive stance he is so tanky, after that waiting turn he has superb boost to dmg. In other wards first faze of batle champion is great at tanking and then he evolve into best DPS on the battlefield. So I threw Sir Mordred out the window ( the defender class). In first release he  had at least option to get stun from lvl 2. Now he gets it on 10 lvl same as Sir Kay with power atack stun. Diffrence is Sir Kay gets huge damage beyond stun, Sir Mordred range version of the stun without damage (for me option of stun is big deal in games).  

In my opinion not always more is better (the knights amount issue). If there will be more, skill tree choices become less significant. Knights will be treated like minions and in such circumstances "personal touch" is evaporating. 

In the end I agree, its great game.

1 year 225 days ago
Thanks for your feedback, all of them got forwarded to our design team!

Others mentioned too that 5 party formations would be great. Nothing can be promised in this regard at the moment but we will at least consider it!:)