Out on PS4 and Xbox One:

City of Suffering / Faith Undone



Two more DLCs are now available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr: one is City of Suffering, the other is Faith Undone, both providing new content!

Enter the City of Suffering where the Drukhari hunt their human prey on a larger scale. Hinder the Xenos plans, take down as many Pain Catalysts as you can and make them pay for every Imperial citizen they steal.

This DLC contains the world Myrkon as a Starmap location, home to a brand new game mode that comes with its own leaderboard. You can find Myrkon in the Malcorum system in the Triglav Subsector. (Please note that this Starmap location is only available after unlocking the Triglav Subsector.)

Another wave of seditionist ideas has infected an Imperial world. Fortunately the agents of the Holy Ordos have discovered the trouble before it could spread too far. There is still time to weed out the ringleaders.

This DLC contains a special Priority Assignment. An investigation consists of a short story and a series of new missions. Upon completing the Assignment you will be rewarded with a unique cosmetic item: the Arctic Footprint. (This assignment is only available after unlocking the Triglav Subsector.)

As usual, these DLCs are part of the Season Pass, so if you have it, they're free!

Note: the Faith Undone DLC might appear a bit later on the US PlayStation Store.

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Out on PS4 and Xbox One: City of Suffering / Faith Undone
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3 years 363 days ago
Thank you for your response! I hope we will have the DLCs soon.
3 years 363 days ago

Our console publisher is aware of the issue and co-operates with Sony to make the missing DLCs available in the Asia region! 

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3 years 363 days ago
When will the DLCs be available on ASIA PSN store?
4 years 17 days ago

Here are the links to both of the DLCs in the US Xbox store:


In the GB PSstore:

4 years 17 days ago
When are these out? I am looking on the Xbox Store and neither are showing there. 
4 years 18 days ago
When can we expect this on PS4 for EU players?