Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One:

Occult Siege



There's a new DLC available for the PS4 and Xbox One version of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, and the title is: Occult Siege!

A secret base of the Inquisition has come under attack by Chaos forces. The strategic importance of this location requires a certified agent to take command and organize defences until relief forces arrive.

This DLC contains a special Priority Assignment. An investigation has its own plot and consists of a series of new missions. Upon completing the Assignment, you will be rewarded with a unique Tarot card. (Please note that this assignment is only available after unlocking the Agartha Subsector.)

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Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One: Occult Siege
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3 years 152 days ago

Excellent  :)

Good to hear that 

Here is the link shows  that WH40K IM reached 83th spot amount all PSN games of all times 


We are looking forward to see it amount top 30 to be safe it will last on the first page for long years to come. 

Also check that some games got over 120+ trophies counts as well  * would be worthy seeing it got over 100 of them at least *


3 years 152 days ago

As a fellow trophy hunter, I hear you :) Would be nice, but it's not always that simple. It's for the best if trophies are reserved for bigger content updates.

3 years 153 days ago
Thank you so much.

Would please add trophies to it ? something worth 45 points+  ones to shorten time needed to think/implanto fit.

Your Scale/work more worthy than most other PSN games .. some of them gives/adds trophies almost in every tiny update.

While at it - please add some trophies too to some of other mini DLCs u have added during season 1

Nothing is too late   <3   Do everything 'n keep trying to at them.