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I used an Intel and it indicated that I would receive 7 Hereticus reputation if I completed the mission. I did so but I did not receive the reputation reward. My rep is still what it was at after I completed one weekly Ordo mission for the Hereticus.

Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Really loving those Ordo Seals though! Look forward to scoring some nice relics.

EDIT: I just did another intel with a 7 reputation reward for Ordo Xenos. I completed the mission and received 3 rep.

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Ordo Reputation
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47 days ago
I'm having the same issue. I did three missions today for 6, 6 and 7 rep. I ended up only getting 10 rep total.
50 days ago
Same here, only getting 50% of the claimed ordos reputation from missions.
50 days ago

Same here.

50 days ago
We will correct this issue in the shortest time possible! Thanks for the detailed report! 
50 days ago
I just ran 2 weekly missions from the Ordo Xenos.

First one was for 3 reputation, second one was for 4.

Mission Rewards box upon completion said I should have earned 3 and 4 reputation.

Upon checking my status at the Ordos cherub after each mission I had only gained 1 reputation per mission.

I should be at 7 reputation after 2 missions but I am only at 2 reputation.