Online Play Doesn't Save My Character


I've been dealing for days with losing my character advancement, and it's been driving me crazy. I play co-op with my wife, we'll go up 5 or 6 levels, and when we play again I'm back where I started a day ago. It seems intermittent, as the online save works sometimes, and not others. At first I would try to 'catch up' by playing solo until I was her level again (and at the same part of the story). This 'seemed' to work at first, but then it would reset my character again. VERY FRUSTRATING!

I finally gave up online mode entirely, and it seems to be working well so far (Playing Offline Mode doesn't affect LAN gaming), but it's a temporary solution, as I'd like for the online saves to work so I can play on any computer, or with other (non-LAN) friends.

Is this a known problem? I've seen other complaints regarding this issue. Is it going to be fixed? Is there a way to get my now offline character back online if it does get fixed?


For those interested in my temporary solution (porting online character to offline), please see below: 

If you don't want to lose your online character, save them somewhere and then place them in the offline save folder. hint: the folder only gets created after you make an offline character for the first time.

To save your online character to an offline file, do the following:

Enter into chat: /Savegame D:\  

For example: /Savegame D:\VHFCsaves\characternameandlevel.sav (obviously make the VHFCsaves folder first! Drive letter works with any. Note: you COULD direct it to the offline save folder on the C:\ drive directly, but I don't recommend it, just in case you overwrite your own character with future saves. It's also really long to type if you don't remember to copy and paste it!)

The default save location is C:\Users\\Documents\NeocoreGames\Van Helsing Final Cut

I just dumped it in and it worked, but be warned your master inventory will be empty. Be sure to fill yours and Katarina's ahead of time. I took all epics with me for sure! "Take only what you need to survive!" -Spaceballs

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Online Play Doesn't Save My Character
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