Omicron arkh missing



I'm on chapter 2 and its telling me to talk to omicron arkh, he had been on the bridge but now hes disappeared. Am I missing something?

Disco Stu 1232


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Omicron arkh missing
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22 days ago
Please check your Crusader now, he should see Omicron on the bridge now.
23 days ago

My omicron is missing aswell on xbox one. Gamertag specialed99999 character's name is terathas

23 days ago
Nope.  He is here.  Thanks for the help 
25 days ago

@LEONEL28‍ the issue got fixed on our end please check on it.

@K0TTDILEDUNDEE‍ we could not track down the problem on your character, do you still miss Omicron from the bridge?

26 days ago

 have problem with omnicron on xbox. My profile name is LeonelFrost

27 days ago
I am having this same issue, Character name is also K0ttDiledundee
32 days ago
im having the same issue, Im pretty much done with Chapter  2 but he's gone missing from my bridge so i cant proceed
33 days ago
I’m having the same issue
38 days ago

The problem is present due you haven't yet progressed far enough in the base campaign and haven't unlocked Omicron Arkh just yet. Please check on the upper right corner window while on the Command Bridge and you can switch to the Hunt for the Martyr mission:

After unlocking the Tech-Priest you can continue the Drukhari investigation.

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39 days ago
Still having the issue, sadly.
46 days ago
Do you still experience the issue if I may ask?
57 days ago
i'm also having this issue . i play on Xbox and my characters name is (Thenoble117) 
60 days ago
Please check on Cypher, we fixed his progress just now!
62 days ago
Hi, I’m having the same issue here on ps5

Is : Jarlsdottyr

85 days ago

hi it is all sorted now thanks for your help

85 days ago
@CHARLIED25@TSHOP01‍ please check your characters, their problems got fixed earlier today!
87 days ago

Sorry the character name is FoggyBigbadmole

87 days ago
Hi I am also having this issue where omicron arkh is missing,

I am on chapter 2 Playing on Xbox

Gamertag: TryFoggy

character name is also TryFoggy

88 days ago

Same chapter 2 omicron arkh disappeared issue.


Psn ID tshop01      character name bertram

92 days ago

Which character of yours is affected by the bug if I may ask?

94 days ago
Didn‘t played for a while and now started again with a friend. The problem still exists and I didn‘ see  him.
106 days ago
Sorry for our late reply. The problem you encountered got fixed now and you should see Omicron on your Command Bridge.
113 days ago

I'm having this issue on Xbox. I'm on chapter 2 and I'm being told to talk to Omicron Arkh. He's no longer there . Gamertag Dizzo

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137 days ago
I am having the same issue on Xbox. Gamer tag: K4T4LYST4591
137 days ago
Thank you, it's fixed now. Thank you so much for fixing this so fast! Great support!!! 
137 days ago
We fixed the problem please check on your character.
138 days ago
I am also experiencing Omicron Arkh missing on the ship.

I'm playing ps4, ly account name is heruva. This is blocking me from creating. Please help

148 days ago
We would like to ask your patience in the next few days, we will fix the problem!
148 days ago
I have the same problem too, missing omicron. Psn jonny_natas_1, game name ventus url
149 days ago

Looks like Arkh is missing for me too

maddog2111 on Xbox


151 days ago
Please check on your characters, we fixed the issues.


152 days ago
Arkh missing fir me too. Havent played in ages

DrZuckerpunch on xbox. Thanks!

153 days ago
Hello, I'm missing Omicron Arkh on Chapter 2 as well!!!
164 days ago

Could you please tell me if you still miss Omicron from the Bridge? We checked on your account but did not detect the problem just yet.

165 days ago
Same for me, playing on PC


Can you help me?

165 days ago
We resolved the problem please check on your character.
168 days ago
Same for me, Omicron is missing on chapter 2.

Playing on ps4 

169 days ago
Sic Semper Tyranids
We resolved the problem please check on your character.
170 days ago
I am also missing Omicron Arkh can someone assist? I'm on PS4, psn user ID is Alphacankillu, character's name is Brother Water.

Thank You

172 days ago
We just resolved the problem please check on your account.
173 days ago
Omicron arkh is missi g playing on Ps4 gt: kage_no_shinde 

Charname : Kitaro

191 days ago
I’m also getting the issue where Omicron Arkh is missing in chapter 2. Playing on Xbox One, GT: T FUNK 1984
192 days ago
Oui merci beaucoup problème résolu
193 days ago
Character name is also Vincentvalk 
193 days ago
Hi I’m on Xbox one and I am on ch2 it is telling me to talk to omicron Arkh but he is not on my ship also progressing on chaos undivided quest line wish can’t progress because I have to talk to omicron arkh I don’t know if this was a a bug  my GT is Vincentvalk 
193 days ago
Both issues got fixed please check your respective accounts.
195 days ago
Omicron is missing for me as well. I'm on Xbox.

Gamertag: Avengetachikaze 

Character name: Seras

195 days ago
Hello Omicron missing for me to, can you help me ? I m on PS4, PSN: yohan2164 
Character : psyker, lvl 44 or 45, name : gatlik

199 days ago
Yes he is back. Thank you
200 days ago
Please check on your account we just handled the issue.