next PS4 update??



in my community is often the question "when comes the update to 1.3. for PS4".

Can anyone tell me about the next update plan? We wait of the co-op campaign modus and season 2....

greetings Buju (German Player)

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next PS4 update??
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4 years 12 days ago

When will below  dlcs available in Hong Kong Psn store,?

 Cherub pet

City and of suffering

Poisoned soul

Heresy emotion

Mind plague

4 years 12 days ago

Today comes the next Patch for PC  and we are waiting... and i have the seasonpass

I Hope the next patch comes and bring all bug fixes and new contant

4 years 13 days ago
A patch would be really great! 

Just bought the game for the PS4 and have immense issues with controller dead zones, at this level it is unplayable.

The left stick is okay, but the right stick keeps rotating the camera and randomly zooming in and out. It's like sitting in a caroussel, even if you don't touch the controller. Happens with all controllers independently on every map, but not in the menu. Controller work fine on every other game.

I think a stick deadzone option in the menu would fix the problem!

4 years 13 days ago
We are planning to release a patch soon with a couple of changes and bugfixes!

The earliest possible date is within 2 weeks but it may take longer - this depends on the certification process the patch has to undergo.
We are already working on the performance issues on PS4 but to get considerable changes it requires time! 

4 years 13 days ago
yeah, also, when are the performance fixes coming for the ps4?