Next gen console support possible in the future?


Will there be support for next gen consoles in the future? Maybe 4k 60fps and some other graphical features being enhanced? :) 

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Next gen console support possible in the future?
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43 days ago
Thank you for the information! I've been playing it on my Xbox series X and it runs super well on it (Auto HDR is a true wonder) looking forward to any news in the future on what the team decides to do with next gen consoles :) Purging xenos in 4k 60fps would be glorious!
44 days ago
We haven't yet decided on the matter. Our team checked both PS5 and Xbox Series X and Inquisitor runs with a decent FPS on both but extensive tests are yet to be conducted. 

As soon as we will have more news on the matter, it will be shared with our community for sure!:)