New DLC:

Herald Cherub



There is a new DLC out for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, on all platforms, called the Herald Cherub.

Imperial officials across the galaxy utilize familiars to display their heraldry to the public, announcing their status and accomplishments. Though many Inquisitors prefer to stay in the shadows, such displays can be useful in certain spheres of Imperial society.

It is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 (EU and US) and Xbox One.

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New DLC: Herald Cherub
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4 years 290 days ago
This is currently experienced by Herald Cherub owners, we will get them working in the shortest time possible!
4 years 290 days ago
Hello, I bought the game,  via steam and all other DLCs, that I have  are working fine.However my Cherub appears locked behind a 800 paywall! Please send Help.    Priase  the  Emperor!!
4 years 298 days ago
We are working on this, expect a fix shortly today or tomorrow maximum! 
4 years 298 days ago
Installed herald cherub on xbox, no herald cherub
4 years 298 days ago
Purchased but does not appear in the game. I play on PS4
4 years 299 days ago
4 years 299 days ago
I donwload, but i dont see in game