My impression of the Tech Adept and the game itself. Short-ish post.


So the reason that i got Inquisitor - Prophecy was because of the AdMech we would be playing as. I had played the game Mechanicus when it released and that got me some love for the AM which made my decision of buying this game.

And due to my experiences with Mechanicus and the news that the Tech Adept would have combat pets under its control i was hoping for a large variety of Skitarii soldiers and regarded the Psiloi as an early game unit. But i was disapointed to find out the Skitarii soldiers weren't in game, with that i mean units like Skitarii Ranger and Vanguard.

Which brings me to hope that if there are any developers reading this that they will consider adding these units on a update to give me more variety in my construct options, and maybe give the tech adept an option to keep the typical Adeptus Mechanicus hood.

As for the game itself, so far i found it entertaining but there are several things in it that lack proper description and the tutorial screen seemed incomplete and outdated. Then there were moments where i lost story dialogue by either not being able to pause it or by progressing too fast without knowing in battle. 

Plus, i have no idea if i can level up and/or increase the rank of items, or how do i get to build weapons from blueprints since all that shows up a  inoculators and that sort of stuff (i do have a weapon blueprint).

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My impression of the Tech Adept and the game itself. Short-ish post.
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294 days ago
the description im reffering to are thing like the inventory with a cog in it, i have no idea whats that compared to the other three inventories and also the fact that i dont know when im comparing weapons if the game tells me the quality comparison between the weapon selected and the weapon compared to is from weapon slot 1 or 2. not just weapons but those signums as well, the game doesnt tell me which one of the 4 signums (those things that are next to the weapon slot in inventory), and i dont know if it takes all four of them into account.

sorry i couldnt be more specific but i havent been able to play recently due to schedules

300 days ago
More constructs variety may will be a thing in the future but nothing certain can be said in this regard just yet. 

We will look into the tutorials which seem outdated for you! As for the descriptions, can you provide us those which are lacking in any way?
You can get blueprints from missions which then can be crafted if you have enough resource. Every item has its own blueprint so you can create yourself a complete gear!