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I saw there was several threads to give feedbacks but from alpha/beta experience, I choose to do my thread for my feedback instead of adding it to another existing thread because it tends to not be seen. :(

I started the expansion today so I'm not that much leveled (around 20 only) but I saw enough things to improve to motivate me to do a feedback.

- The description of the effect "Binaric Clarity" of the fifth tier of Mindlink attribute lacks of clarity. I read it several times but I still don't understand what it does.

- The description of the Necromechanic Turret is not clear. It says that it boost, but it doesn't say how. At first I imagined a damage boost but it was only a cd reduction.

Then, it's not really clear what a cd reduction would do for the Constructs as there are no Construct skill displaying a cd. And are the basic attacks of the Constructs attacks or skills?

- The "master" passive skills of the Construct Ability and Construct Specialization trees seem inversed: Relentless Constructs gives a cd reduction while all other nodes reducing cd are in the Construct Specialization tree and Voltaic Communion reduce the Reserve while the only other node reducing the Reserve is in the Construct Ability tree. It's not logic.

- In the Construct Ability tree, it's not clear what the nodes "Increased combat activation range for melee type Constructs" do.

- The trees lack some node to improve survivability of the Constructs by providing resistance (there is only 50% warp damage resistance and some damage reduction) and health regeneration (there is only +1% hp/s regen while there are several nodes for Constructs to heal the Tech Adept).

- When using the Kastelan robot, it's health bar should be displayed under the skill to heal it and/or the hp of the robot should be treated as an allied instead of a Construct. Displaying Constructs' hp bars is not efficient because, with psilois, there are too many bars resulting on the screen being overcharged by those bars that hide the action and don't display useful information as it's present under the summoning skills. Moreover, we don't need individual hp bars for the psilois as we summon a new whole group when the number in the previous group is decreasing and/or there life is low.

The Kastelan robot is the only summon where we would need to display the Constructs' HP bar. But activating for the robot would bring back the issue of having it activated for the other summons. So the best solution would have to have its HP bar under its skill, like for other summons. Or, as it is stated it's a "companion" and behave differently, its hp could be displayed as an allie instead of a Construct for the tactical view settings. (But under the skill would be the best solution as it would allow to heal it even if not present on the screen.)

- Alternate weapons for Constructs need a better description. For example, with the Vivisector weapons, both get the same description. So why would I go spend points in a passive tree to unlock the alternate one? For the Combustor, the description is not the same, but there is still no incentive to go unlock one.

Information on Base Damage, DPS and additionnal effect if there is any would be needed.

- The Constructs kind of remind of the Psyker skills: we have to unlock them, to slot them and there are some passive trees to improve them.

But it's way more complicated (I had some trouble understanding the system with many things hidden for quite a long time, until you unlock the ship): modifier slots for Psyker are unlock simply through level when Tech-Adept has to spend points on passive trees; when Psyker unlock a new kind of modifier, it's directly available but the Tech-Adept need then to drop some random items.

I like the fact that it's different. But I don't like the fact that it feels a bit unfair. The Tech-Adept need to invest more in the trees, then needs luck to get less effect, less tools than the Psyker.

For example, it's really easy for a Psyker to get the Armour Piercing effect on all its skills to bypass enemies armour. While the Tech-Adept needs to invest more points in the passive skills trees in order to slot on one Construct a randomly obtained item that will give a small damage buff that's nowhere near having the Armour Piercing effect. If the Tech-Adept want to have the Armour Piercing, there is ONE weapon. And for the less effective Armour Breaking, there are THREE weapons and ONE Construct.

If the alternate weapons of the Constructs can bring such effect, it should be displayed in there tooltips. If they don't, maybe they should: the Tech-Adept is quite limited in what he can do so increasing his skillset could only be a good thing.

- Because the Construct system is quite complicated, there is a lot of investement to do to improve the Construct while the Tech-Adept is kinda put aside: when improving the Construct skill trees, you can't improve the "character" skill trees (the trees that improve the character).

Meanwhile, all equipments, most attributes and most perks improve the character only. Maybe more things should also/instead applies to the Constructs.

- All summoning are done (randomly) around the character. For some Constructs, it's not really an issue. But I believe all Constructs would be improved if the summoning was done at the cursor location (or the closer to the cursor if placed on a non valid area or in an area not visible from the character).

The Necromechanic and Tarantula turrets can't be correctly used if that modification is not done.

- Lastly (for now at least), I would say to improve the AIs.

When you want the Constructs to protect you, either they stay behind you or, if their fghting, the enemy will often target you instead of one of the Construct hitting it in melee range.

When you want the Constructs to stay behind you, they behave as if they try do die the fastest: if you're trying to destroy a mine, they will make sure to be in the explosion or to stay as long as needed in the toxic cloud.

I know it's not easy to do a great AI. A solution instead would be to give them a damage reduction against AOE as it's done in many game. Particularly for the psilois that are one summon composed of 2-4 units, it feels like they take 2-4 times the damage because of that.

Moreover, for mechanical constructs, it quite suprising the lack of resistance to poison they can have...

I'm still at the beginning of the adventure with the Tech-Adept. The experience is quite refreshing. But I fear a lack of viability of the character when reaching high  levels because the tools to improve them are quite limited: there are the passive trees (with fixed max bonuses) and the modules. And I don't know if the modules will allow to provide significative bonuses to damages and survivability in order for the Tech-Adept to be competitive with the other classes.

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My feedback on tech-adept
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