My feedback on first event


I know I'm not the first to do a feedback so I won't talk about the number of kills requested. Not directly, at least.

I wanted to talk about incentives.

There were two set of rewards:

- one for personnal goal (a cosmetic one)

- one for community goal (a progression one)

I first want to talk about the community rewards, composed of 100 influence points and a "mystery" box.

The influence points is the main issue as it's a reward unlocked by the achievement of the part of the community that played the event BUT that benefits ONLY the other part of the community, the one that didn't played the event. "Thank you for nothing."

Because of the event, those that did the event reached the last 800 influence tier of the system. So there is no point for the extra influence. And, as everybody gets it, it changes nothing for the leaderboard.

Community rewards should equally benefit those that did the event and those that didn't.

On this aspect, the "mystery" box did way better. BUT, it shouldn't have been such a "mystery".

Why not add a sentence somewhere teasing the content of the box? You don't have to fully reveal its content. But just saying that it contains a relic, fate points or whatever. It's way more appealing when you know what kind of content to expect.

Having something to look forward to is a way better motivation that wondering if you have to do all that for maybe nothing.

Talking about motivation, having one unique personnal goal is not a great thing. It's all or nothing. If you don't think you can reach the goal, why even try?

Having multiple goals (as it's already done with weekly glory and system influence) make people choose their goal. This way, even if they don't go for the last personnal goal, they can go for a lesser one and still help in reaching the community goal.

Moreover, if they get to their goal faster than expected, they can try to reach the next goal, further helping the community.

And there are many easy potential rewards available for those "partial" goals: consummables, credits, fate points, item, etc.

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My feedback on first event
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4 years 3 days ago
here's one for you

planet population was listed as 32million

where did 50 million rebels come from?

 let alone loyalists assumed to be fighting there also.

I was a little disappointed  the presence of the Black Legion on the planet wasn't given  some focus,

At least a small investigation style campaign associated with the event wouldn't have gone astray.

4 years 6 days ago
Let your events last up to thuesday.. Why: because some people work on weekends