Music Cuts Out During Missions - Hurts Immersion - PLEASE FIX ASAP!


The barrel to my auto-bolter is red hot, my screen flashes with explosions of fire and is splattered with waves of heretic blood.  The music is booming in tandem as I continue to blast waves of enemies while defending my objective and then - the music stops.  All other sounds seem to work fine.  The gameplay is stable, but the music just stops.  Sometimes I think it gets forgotten when I level up and the sound of the milestone comes across, or maybe when a character comments or has dialog.  Sometimes it seems to just go out randomly in the heat of a mission and won't come back until I complete it and start another one.  The immersion of this game is fantastic and is one of the best 40k games I've played, but could we please get this bug fixed?  It does dampen the mood a bit and although blasting heretics is fun, the ambiance takes a deep change of pace when the music goes silent and all you hear is the hum drum of combat.

I humbly request that you patch this and insure that the music stays consistently playing through all missions as it brings a lot to the immersion and atmosphere.  Without it, the pacing can feel weird, and oddly the drum of the same combat sounds seems shallow without the techno combat music and synth exploration to back it up.

Please note myself and our party of 3 (all of us are on PC) have encountered this issue repeatedly.  We all have different builds.  This is definitely not a hardware issue.


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Music Cuts Out During Missions - Hurts Immersion - PLEASE FIX ASAP!
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55 days ago

Noted, I will ask an update from our devs regarding the issue and will push the matter. Thanks!